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If you’ve ever been in a real estate office, then you have probably heard the same thing over and over again: “The highest bidder wins.” The thing is, that isn’t always true. So what’s going on here? With Fulcrum Properties Group, we believe that it’s possible to offer more than just “the highest bid” when it comes to real estate property financing. That’s why we created our shifted request pricing strategy, which is different from the traditional market pricing strategy.

What is the Shifted Market value Strategy?

The Shifted Market Value Strategy, or Shifted Market Pricing Strategy, is an alternative strategy to the traditional market value pricing strategy.

While the traditional market value pricing strategy is based on what a property would sell for in a given area if it were available for sale today, the shifted market value strategy is based on what it should sell for given the current conditions in the real estate market.

The two strategies are not mutually exclusive. They can be used together or separately. However, if your goal is to maximize profit with minimal risk then you should use both strategies at different times during your transactions.

Expertise – Shifted Market Pricing Strategy

When you start a real estate business, you have to figure out what kind of business it is going to be.

There are two ways to do that: by defining the market and focusing on it, or by defining your target customer and focusing on them.

If you focus on the market, your business will be like most others; if you focus on your target customer, yours will be different.

Market pricing strategy is about focusing on the market and trying to make money in it. It’s about finding ways to price properties and bidding on them so that they sell quickly and at a good price.

Why is the Shifted  Market Pricing Strategy done?

The Shifted Market Pricing Strategy is a great way to get a competitive edge over your competitors. This strategy is also known as a “marketing strategy” or “marketing tool” because it allows you to target a specific geographic market and shift your pricing to that particular market.

Many real estate companies, including Fulcrum Properties Group, have used this marketing strategy. We have found that this marketing tool can be very effective in attracting new business and increasing sales.

According to Ty Voyles, founder and CEO of Washington, D.C.-based Fulcrum Properties Group, the most important thing in real estate is getting the highest price possible for your property. You can do just that by shifting your pricing strategy to target different markets!

The benefit of using a shifted market pricing

The Shifted Market Pricing strategy is a method of pricing that takes into account the market’s shifting trends and conditions. It is used by real estate investors to acquire properties at lower prices than their current market value. The strategy has three main components:

  1. Identify a shifting trend or trend reversal in the housing market (for example, declining inventory) and make an educated guess about when it will end or reverse itself (for example, rising inventory).
  2. Use a discounted cash flow (DCF) model to determine the present value of your portfolio. If you were to buy each property at its current price. This figure is then compared to its current selling price, giving you an idea of whether it’s time to buy your property now or wait until prices rise again.
  3. If you believe it’s time to buy, but don’t yet know where you can find new properties that meet your requirements and are priced lower than they should be, this is where a real estate agent comes in handy! They will do research on what properties are currently available in your area, along with how much they’re being sold for

How to implement a shifted market pricing

A shifted request pricing strategy is a great way to capitalize on the demand for a specific property. However, it is important to note that the process of shifting from one price to another can be a long and tedious one. In order to make sure that your property does not get sold out. It is important to ensure that you have a solid marketing strategy in place. Moreover, you should also make sure that you create an effective website. It will help you with your marketing efforts as well as with your website content.

Shifted Market Pricing Strategy

Shifted Market Pricing Strategy is a strategy that involves shifting the market price of a property to maximize value and minimize risk. This can be done by offering a higher rental rate for a certain period of time. And then lowering it after the contract has been signed.

This method is more effective when it comes to rentals since. There are many reasons why landlords would want to rent out their properties at a higher price. Then they normally would, such as needing extra income or just wanting to make sure. They get the maximum possible amount of money from their investment.

It also works well when it comes to selling off the property. Because it allows the seller to get more money in exchange for its sale. Then if they were just trying to sell as quickly as possible. For example, imagine that you own an apartment complex with 100 units, and each unit rents for $800 per month. You want to sell these apartments at full price ($1 million). But are concerned about how long it will take you before you can find buyers willing enough to pay that much money for them. If you offer them $1


This strategy will help you make the most of your real estate. Use it to price your properties differently and get more money for the same property in a similar market. This strategy is great because it’s effective, but also simple to do.

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